“I’m a total gear animal and while my sails haven’t survived, the mount’s still intact and I have to say I’m more than impressed”

“The Flymount allows me to capture footage of the sports I love, with angles I never thought would be possible with my own video equipment”

“My first impression of the Flymount system are that it’s quite robust compared to other options on the market – the nylon reinforced plastic looked thick, strong and sturdy and is lightweight at less than 200g. (When) mounted with a small point and shoot camera, it wasn’t noticeable when sailing…

In retrospect, at first I was a little worried about attaching the camera to the system itself, but these doubts quickly faded with a series of good wipeouts in the pretty heavy conditions”.

“One thing I really need when it comes to all my equipment is durability. I spend much of my time getting thrashed around in the lineup and I don’t have the time or patience to deal with stuff that’s unreliable. I’ve really enjoyed my Flymount! It’s easy to use, it’s effective and most importantly, it’s still there when I come to the surface”.

“The Flymount is the ideal way to grip the action. Easy, secure, light… It’s the best mount for recording radical sports”.

“If anything is going to shake the camera mount off – it’s landing a backflip!”

“Using the Flymount opens up a new dimension for bike filming. With the ability to use the mount all over the bike we get shots that would otherwise be unobtainable. Flymount opens up what is possible to film as well as upping the diversity of footage we can shoot”

“I have been looking for a mount that offers the features of the Flymount for years.  As a professional Photographer I need items that work well, are robust and last and the Flymount is definitely that!