How to choose rubber matting for UTEs

How to choose rubber matting for UTEs

It is important to take care of the feet of visitors to swimming pools and leisure areas. The pool can be a slippery place and is a significant place to cause slipping accidents and injuries. Other areas, such as locker rooms, shared showers and gyms, are also at risk. However, not only slipping can be a danger in these kinds of places. A community gym can be an ideal breeding ground for bacterial infections, including MRSA infections. One of the best ways to combat these problems is to install hygienic rubber mats, to mitigate the risks of falls and infections.

Why glazed?

One of the most common accidents you will find recorded in a swimming pool is a log that causes a fall. When a tile gets wet and slips, it is already a slippery hazard. Now add some other typical substances to the mixture, such as tan, shampoo and soaps, and the situation gets worse. This is not only limited to swimming pools, but many other areas are affected. The slip can strain the muscles, but the resulting fall can be quite severe and even cause concussions or broken bones.

Why rubber mats?

Rubber is a wonderful material for many applications and stands out in this particular application. As we all know with the tires of our cars, rubber gives a great grip, even in a wet state. The mat can also be made from recycled rubber, which makes it a very eco-friendly option. The rubber mat is easy to install and moves for essential maintenance. When the rubber mat is properly used, the water drainage is ensured and no water can form. Infusing rubber with anti-bacterial properties is a great way to prevent the possibility of bacteria growing on the surface and then being transmitted by contact to the skin. The rubber mat is also easy to clean, durable and highly resistant to the effects of the sun.  We highly recommend rubber ute matting at rolacase, as their products are excellent.

Avoid bacterial infections:

Although we have already mentioned MRSA, there are other major bacterial infections and some more mundane ones. In fact, most people are much more likely to have a nasty case of athletic foot or skin infection. These kinds of conditions are not life threatening, but they can affect your quality of life and are hard to eliminate. Some rubber mats are UV-resistant and coated with an anti-bacterial mesh structure.

If you are looking for slip safety products, residents and business managers should contact us. At UTEs, we can supply and install a wide selection of safety and protective equipment for domestic and commercial customers, including unattended safety products. All our products are manufactured to very high standards and fully comply with Australian regulations. We look forward to discussing your needs in more detail and answering any questions.


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